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What is The MATRIX?


THE MATRIX is a computer program designed to run a visual detection task with child or adult participants. It has been used successfully with participants aged 3 to adult. The program automatically presents participants with matrices of photographs, and requires participants to select a single target among an array of distracters. It should be used in conjunction with a touch-screen display so that participants can find targets and touch them on the screen; alternatively, it can also be used with mouse clicks. The MATRIX runs on java programming and can be used on Mac, PC, and Linux.

How can I obtain a copy of The MATRIX program?


You can request a free copy of THE MATRIX program by filling out The MATRIX Terms of Use form below. For a preview of how the program works, you can download the User Guide here. The methodology is also published in detail in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. A copy of the manuscript and its accompanying instructional video is available here.


Please fill out your name, email address and institution. If anyone in your lab will be using The MATRIX besides you, please list their names and email addresses in the "message" box. By clicking send, you are aggreeing to the following:


I am a researcher affiliated with a legitimate academic or professional institution. I will use The MATRIX program for research purposes only. I will not attempt to reproduce The MATRIX program, or share it with anyone that has not been identified below.

Success! Message received.

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