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At the Child Study Center at Rutgers University, we study the development of infants and young children in multiple domains, including emotional, cognitive, and perceptual. Through our research, we ask: Do we treat emotionally charged stimuli differently than other stimuli? Does emotional state affect the way we learn? Can prior experiences affect the way we perceive the world? While these questions are relevant to humans over the entire lifespan, we focus our research specifically on young children and infants. By focusing on young children, we can examine the development of perceptual and learning systems and how emotions and experience may change the way we see the world around us.
Rutgers University, Newark

The Child Study Center is located in Smith Hall of Rutgers University's Newark Campus. Rutgers University is the state University of New Jersey, and the Newark campus is located in New Jersey's largest city. Read more...

Department of Psychology

The Child Study Center is one of several labs in Rutger's Newark's Psychology Department. The Department is made up of  world class experts in developmental, perceptual, social psycholgy and neuroscience. Read more...

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