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Interested in participating in our research?

It’s easy! Just contact us and we will set up an appointment for you and your child to come into the lab. Feel free to contact us anytime by phone or by email. Coming from a long distance? Ask about travel reimbursement. Most studies that we conduct take the form of a play session to make the experience fun and interesting for you and your child. For older children (3 to 7 years), our studies usually involve some kind of computer game or book reading session. For infants, (0 to 2 years), studies are simpler and involve playing with toys or simply looking at videos or photographs on a television screen. Each study lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, and your child will get a small prize for participating. Most families that come in have a great time participating and are likely to visit us again!
To visit the lab, simply fill out your information below and we will contact you when there is a study available. Make sure to include your children's ages in the message.
We also have a variety of studies you can participate in online! Click here to read more or sign up!

We hope to see you in the lab soon!

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