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For Prospective Students


The Child Study Center is dedicated to both excellence in science and excellence in education. While we seek to learn about infant and child development, we also seek to teach others how to conduct research in this area.


Undergraduate Study

The Child Study Center actively employs several undergraduates each semester to assist in our research. Research assistants work closely with the senior lab members and participate in every aspect of the research process, from recruiting families to interpreting the results. Undergraduate research assistants usually work for course credit, but there are also paid research assistantships available during the summers. If you are interested in gaining research experience with children and infants and would like to inquire about a research assistantship at the Child Study Center, please contact Dr. LoBue for more information. The course syllabus for the lab can be found here.


Graduate Study

We are always looking for excellent graduate students who are interested in obtaining their PhDs in developmental psychology. To find out more about developmental research at Rutgers-Newark, please visit our Developmental Area website:, or visit us on Facebook.


If you would like additional information on how to apply for the graduate program in Developmental or Cognitive Psychology, please visit the following website for information on how to apply:


Also, feel free to contact a member of the Child Study Center or Dr. LoBue directly for more information about whether graduate students are currently being accepted.


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